Outsourcing Call Center Work- Save The Best Jobs For Your Best People

The employees in a business’ call center do exactly what their department name indicates; answers incoming customer calls and either take care of the customers themselves or direct their calls the to appropriate parties; they may engage in telemarketing; or they may handle emergency calls. Call center employees also answer incoming emails, faxes, and IMs, through a sophisticated technology which connects the call centers to voice and data input. Computer integrated technology allows telephone and computer interactions to be coordinated.

By outsourcing call center tasks, companies can see their operations become more profitable; but to do so they will have to turn the public faces of the companies, their customer service departments, over to outsiders. There is a huge risk involved in doing so, and any company considering outsourcing call center work should establish some criteria before choosing an outsource provider.

Which Call Center Jobs Should Be Outsourced?

A company should only outsource those call center tasks which are not money-makers or essential to their survival in their niche. They should outsource monotonous, simple work which wastes the talents of their employees, and find something more important for those employees to do for the money they are being paid. A company which has that kind of call center work available will benefit from outsourcing it, because it will cost far less to get it done by workers in a developing country.

Outsourcing Call Center Work To India

India, with its millions educated and technologically skilled English-fluent workers has become the country of choice for outsourcing call center services. Because outsourcing providers in India are usually more professional than those in other developing nations, their workers are efficient, articulate, and technically proficient. They make excellent replacements for the normally poorly-educated individuals who are the only ones willing to take the more boring call center jobs in developed nations.

A call center’s biggest expense is labor; employee wages account for three-fifths of the total operating costs of call center operations. But in developing countries, there is a ready supply of manpower capable of doing a better job at a much lower cost. Outsourcing call center jobs to India, Malaysia, and the Philippines allows companies to take advantage of the cheaper labor in those countries while helping their economies.

Any company which wants to start outsourcing call center jobs, however, should carefully review with the outsourcing contractor the quality standards it expects, and draw up an SLA, or service level agreement to protect itself in case of an unsatisfactory performance.

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