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Starting a California LLC

Starting a California LLC is easy

As a new business owner you will want to make sure that you follow all local, state and federal laws. You will need to ensure that you properly withhold all appropriate employer taxes and make required tax deposits on time. But this is just the half of it. To do it right, you will want to make sure that you setup an LLC. We have put together a quick list of steps to get you started in forming your LLC in California.

LLC Filing Tips

1.) Select a name that is available in California. The state requirements in California. The name must end with the words �Limited Liability Company,� �Ltd. Liability Co.,� or the abbreviation �LLC� or �L.L.C.�

2.) File the appropriate LLC paperwork. Form LLC-1 is required by California and it must contain a business name, a registered agent address in California, indicate where business operated by members or managers, and be signed by an organizer.

3.) Pay the required $70 dollar fee.

4.) You may submit additional articles if you wish to do so, however, they must be included on an attached form.

There are annual taxes requirements for having an LLC in California. The primary is a minimum state tax of $800 dollars. There is currently a first year exclusion.

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