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My Favorite Simpsons Episode of the Year

In a nutshell it was season 19 Episode 7, Husbands and Knives, aired Sunday Nov. 18 2007.

WELL I told you didn't I? It's ALL coming together now isn't it? Have you see the subheading of my blog? Smushing together what? Movies, Comics and TV. And last night's episode of The Simpsons combined all that stuff. It was on TV, lots of comic book stuff, and had Jack Black from the movies (we have the same birthday by the way). And although they didn't do Home Renovation (another theme in my site) they did do some Homer Renovation! They even had a Simpsons version of Oprah and an African American version of Batman's pal Robin. What more could you ask?

For me, the show has somehow managed to be funny for 20 years. Keep in mind, I've been watching "The Simpsons" since before they were called that. Yeah, I know some of you saw them on the Tracey Ullman show. But I saw them before that. At animation festivals. And utilizing some magic, once-in-a-lifetime formula they've stayed funny. They have stayed funny! I'm not gonna get into a Family Guy vs Simpsons thing here. The Simpsons show is funny. You should see their parody of "The Thing."

Possibly one of the oddest cameo turns I've ever seen on TV was the casting of Alan Moore, Art Spiegelman, and Daniel Clowes as themselves. These guys are famous for the Watchmen, Maus and Ghost World. The show gave them a few muscles, but they were there in all their innovative glory.

Even the subplot of the show integrated another theme of this blog; city life. Marge wants to get into shape and she goes to a place called "LA Body Works." Now, having lived in LA for 10 years, Hollywood to be specific, I was a long time member of the Hollywood YMCA. Before joining the Y I did go to some of those LA themed "gyms," but they weren't that different from what Marge encountered; so I didn't stay long.

So for me the show was a personal favorite, but I realize everybody might not feel that way. What's one of your favorites?

David T Rosenthal. Chicago native, lived in New York, Los Angeles and Tokyo. Graduated Columbia University. Did film/tv acting. Studied Bujinkan Taijutsu. Comic book and movie fan. Renovating my home.