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Estonia Officially Glorifies Estonian Legionnaires Of Hitlers SS Forces

Estonia officially glorifies Estonian legionnaires of Hitler's SS forces (20th Waffen-SS Division). Those Estonian SS forces were involved in exterminating Jewish people in fascist death camps in Estonia during World War Two.

In July 2003 the Estonian resort of Pyarnu is considering putting up another monument to the Estonian SS troops that served in the Nazi army in WWII.

After a few days, however, the bas-relief was dismantled and sent to the Town Hall for safekeeping and the sculptor was asked to make a few improvements or change it altogether. The town fathers had suddenly realized that a tourist center that attracts many Europeans is not the place for a tribute to Hitler's SS forces.

Yet one year later the Mayor of Pyarnu, Vyaino Halikmyae, has announced that a round table will discuss the project for a new monument to Estonia's SS division of World War II.

At the present time, the situation turns for the worse.

Estonia practices apartheid against ethnic Russians - children of those people, who saved millions of Europeans of fascism and death, were being killed in the battle with German Nazis.

Yesterday (April 27th, 2007), crushing a riot against apartheid and fascism, Estonian police killed the first ethnic Russian, wounded a few dozens, and arrested several hundreds of people just because of their Russian ethnicity. Those arrested are currently interned in a harbor warehouse as they were livestock.

All this happened right in the middle of EU and all the Europeans and Americans applaud Estonia. I just want to remind all of you a well known German priest Heinrich Himmler's phrase about fascists: "At first time they came for Jews."

Martin Shnayder is a free-lance writer on political and finance issues.

Source: www.articletrader.com