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Graphic Design

As the world becomes more competitive, the need for communication becomes greater. Graphic design is useful in communicating a message. Graphic design is the applied art which deals with the arrangement of images and text to communicate a message or facilitate understanding. In the 21st century graphic design is the core part of all media vehicles, be they print, digital media, motion pictures, animation, product design, packaging, billboards or information signs.

Graphic design is well integrated with the visual arts, as well as architecture, interior design, illustration, photography, human-computer interaction, user interface design, information design and interaction design. No wonder it has been put in the category of a porous discipline.

Advertising probably uses the most graphic design. Graphic designers in advertising earn a lot of money. Also this field is the most challenging field, as designers need to do not only the artistic work but also the selling. Here the designer has to think about the product or service, its customer and their behavior.

Graphic designing is also used in education. It is found that children learn faster with illustrations with text. Educational animation is an emerging field which has great advantages over static graphics, as the moving picture can explain much better than static picture and also arouses interest. Graphic designing is also used in web development as well as in the television and film industries. It is also used in business, for making charts and presentations.

With the emergence of 3D technology, new horizons can be viewed in the field of graphic designing. There is vast potential in this profession.

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