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Indigenous Peoples of Indonesia; Can They Really Sense Future Earthquakes?

It is interesting that the World came together to build a huge Tsunami relay warning system and yet the Indigenous Peoples of Indonesia knew of the Sumatra Quake and the Indonesia Tsunami the night before and had already left their village by the sea and headed for high ground and took to the hills; Can they really sense future Earthquakes?

On the issue of Indigenous peoples of Indonesia, some of them are genetically safe bets for variation having not been mixed blood for 10s of thousands of years really. You know besides the Amazon and a few tribes in Australia, there are not many like that. They maybe able to do things that other humans cannot do in fact?

So if there is significant variations you would have to believe [I do] that they will have other abilities not so common to humans living in the hustle and bustle of modern civilization who have not used those genes for generations or may not even posses those variation of those genes which perhaps many or all of that tribe does you see? It is a worthy thing to study and there have been studies on this. Read “The Seven Sisters of Eve” by Richard Sykes and Jered Diamond also are of interest; “Guns, Germs and Steele” and “Collapse.” “Journey of Man” by Spencer Wells and those books shed some light on this as well. Maybe there is much more to this story and we need more research. So, please consider all this in 2006.

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