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There are too Many DirecTV Packages: How to Get the Best DirecTV Package Deal

DirecTV is a satellite provider that was launched in 1994 and has grown to become the largest satellite TV provider today with over 14.5 million subscribers and 15 satellites. DirecTV is today considered to be the second in terms of customer satisfaction it provides.

To gain access to DirecTV channels, you need a DirecTV satellite TV system so that the satellite signals can be captured to be transmitted to the TV. And all of DirecTV packages come along with a free DirecTV satellite TV system on its subscription. With a DirecTV package, you receive a free DirecTV satellite TV dish and a maximum of four free receivers and universal remotes along with it.

A DirecTV package comes along with free professional installation to a maximum of four rooms of the house. If you need a DirecTV HD satellite TV receiver, some dealers offer it for free, while others charge for it. It all depends on the dealer. In addition to all this, most of the DirecTV packages also offer free bonus gifts like free DVD players and home theater system. This too is dependant on the satellite TV dealer.

You have a large choice of DirecTV packages to choose your DirecTV needs from. You have a choice of 225 program channels that provide pictures and sound with great clarity to make your choice from. You can choose from a maximum of 500 commercial free movies in a month and up to 60 pay per view programs in a day. DirecTV packages also offer DVR (Digital Video Recording) where you can record all your favorite programs, without commercials while watching TV.

You can watch your local channels with digital sound and picture with a DirecTV package. In addition to all this, DirecTV packages offer thirty-one commercial free music channels with digital sound. You also receive an internet connection in the DirecTV package, and all this is with a toll free, 24/7 customer service. With this, you can be sure of receiving immediate service when you experience complications in the TV connection.

The different DirecTV packages come at different rates; all including local channels. The DirecTV packages start at $41.99 to $93.99 per month. The $41.99 DirecTV package provides a choice of 135 program channels along with 31 music channels in a month. Then there is the $45.99 DirecTV package where you can view 155 program channels and listen to 31 music channels. Then the $93.99 DirecTV package that offers 215 channels, with 31 music channels. You can also avail sports DirecTV packages, HD DirecTV packages and international DirecTV packages.

It is very easy to place orders for DirecTV packages. Once you have decided on the system and program that you intend to buy, you can either order online or call a toll free number and order your DirecTV package. It is also possible to place your DirecTV package offer from your local DirecTV representative. On placing your order, your installation schedule is fixed, which comes free with DirecTV packages.

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The author, Dean Erickson, is the senior editor for The Satellite TV Guide, and has written extensively on free DirecTV or DISH Network Deals.