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Car Wash Association Trying to Wipe Out Car Wash Fundraisers

In the Puget Sound area of the State of Washington, car wash fundraisers from kids groups were banned and I believe the Puget Sound Car Wash Association really did a number on the community there. The carwash owners were trying to force legislation to make people do car wash fundraisers at their facilities, pretty much limiting the money these non-profit kid's groups could make and the car wash owners were helping themselves to lots of free PR and elimination of their competition.

Many people such as myself were disgusted by this propaganda and utterly upset with how the ICA - International Car Wash Association took this strategy along with the help of Professional Carwashing Magazine to use this tactic to stop all car wash fundraisers in the US. This was, in my opionion, a pathetic industry association trick and it hurts kids, community and unity.

Now other cities are following suit, from this ruling in Washington State, I disagree with these other cities in their attempts to help the car wash owners with PR, in the name of the environment and allowing their water and environmental departments to be manipulated in this way. I think it is dishonest and lacks integrity.

We have a real problem in America, when business owners put themselves and their profits above their communities. Businesses should work with communities, not hurt them. If kids do not get involved in clubs, youth groups and sports, then what? They join gangs, do drugs and spray paint walls and we all have to pay more in taxes later for drug rehabs, police and courts, not to mention being victims of crimes - and that is a carwash insider's opinion.

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